Spider Infestation Signs

A spider infestation can be hard to spot or control. Spiders are usually not aggressive towards humans unless disturbed and have no reason to attack anything other than common pests. They like to feed on cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and any other insects that might get trapped in their webs. At first glance, spiders at home might even look beneficial, but any pest infestation is terrible in the long run.

What does a spider infestation mean?

First of all, there is one big reason why spiders might infest your home - to eat other pests. Just like any other insect, spiders need to feed. If you know you have a spider infestation on your hands, then you probably have something else to worry about, too. It could be a simple matter of flies coming through your windows, but chances are you have some other sort of pest infestation as well.

On top of that, coming home to find webs all around your hallways doesn’t spell “hygiene”. Last but not least, spiders can and will bite you if you try to tackle their nest or if you irritate them too much. Most spiders’ venom isn’t strong enough to cause any severe harm to a human. Nonetheless, spider bites can hurt and swell and even threaten your life in very rare cases. Don’t worry, though, because there has been only one confirmed case of a lethal spider bite in Australia since 1979.

What to look out for:

The most common spider infestation signs include:
  • Spider webs
The only way a spider web can make its way inside your home is if a spider weaves it there. Check around corners, ceilings and other undisturbed areas of your home to see if there aren’t any spider webs.
  • Spider egg sacs
One spider egg sac can carry up to 1000 spider eggs. If you find such a sac, take action immediately. Whether you decide to remove it yourself or have it removed by someone else, the spider egg sac can hatch hundreds of spiders in any minute. There is no way to tell how far along the eggs are, so don’t waste time.
  • Discovering spiders in your home
Another sign of a spider infestation is discovering spiders in your home. Even if you only see a couple of spiders spreading their webs around your home, there are probably more lurking around.

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