Commercial Pest Control Services in Melbourne by Qualified Exterminators

Dealing with rodents or health-hazardous pest insects, as a business owner, can be overwhelming. Your reputation is suddenly at stake and you need to act fast. Commercial pest control can help maintain your business image intact, as well as avoid any customer complaints. Whether your hotel is under a bed bug attack or your restaurant has a roach problem or a colony of rats, Paul’s Pest Control in Melbourne is here to save the day! We work with certified, experienced and fully insured local pest controllers. We use the most effective pesticidal and vermin removal methods. Successful results will appear in a matter of one or two visits. We can provide regular pest control inspections and treatments for non-residential properties in the following industry sectors: healthcare, food services, offices, retail, hotels, sports facilities, public sector, property management, etc.

When to book a professional pest inspection and pest control service for your business

Regular pest inspections can prevent you from ever having to deal with infestation signs in the first place. So, in that sense, it’s best if you consider booking a periodic commercial pest control survey for that extra peace of mind. This especially applies if you’re operating a customer-based business, be it in the hospitality, food service or retail industry sectors. Still, let’s flag some of the pest problem indicators that should prompt you to call in a professional pest control company straight away!
  • Property damage - From chewed-on electrical wiring (rodents) and contaminated exteriors (birds’ droppings) to badly affected wooden structures (termites), pests can cause a lot of serious damage to your property.
  • Damaged goods - Stored food, electrical equipment, wooden furniture, and so on often fall victim to various types of vermin's destructive activity.
  • Pest traces - Signs of pest presence also include unusual marks on surfaces, eggs, egg cases, faeces, skin sheddings, blood marks, funny odours and noises, nests, mud tubes, etc.
  • Customer complaints - A cockroach in your client’s soup or an angry, badly bitten hotel guest are all telltale signs that not all is perfect with your establishment.
  • Live specimens - Spotted a wasp nest in your beer garden or a mice or two in your takeaway? Then, most probably, you have a pest problem.
Should you notice any of the listed signs above, don’t waste a minute but contact Paul’s Pest Control Melbourne!

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How to prevent a vermin infestation in your facility

Sometimes, you do everything to keep vermin at bay, yet the intruders still manage to invade your property. But let’s see what can help you maintain your business facility pest-free!Decluttering and cleaning. Keeping storage rooms and units, as well as surfaces, free of clutter and maintaining your premises clean at all times, will reduce the risk of pest invasions.Waste management. Rubbish should be discarded properly as soon as possible, and all waste bins should be kept tightly closed.Blocking entry points. Gaps and cracks that can serve as points of access to your facility for any vermin “determined” to get inside should be promptly blocked.Repair work. Your property should be in a good state of repair, so fixing structural and plumbing issues is a must if you want to keep insects and rodents away.Denying access to food sources. Besides keeping food scraps and organic waste under control, you also need to make sure that food is properly stored in air-tight containers and secure storage units. Cutlery, cookware and plates need to be put away in the dishwasher or washed straight after use.Pest repellents. Various pest repellent devices, such as bird nettings, ultrasonic pest repellers or even the use of plant-based natural deterrents, can also minimise the risk of pest invasions.Pest inspection. Again, as we all know, prevention is the best cure. Investing in regular commercial pest control service can ensure that your risk of dealing with vermin issues is significantly reduced.

What to expect from our commercial pest control solutions in Melbourne

Paul’s Pest Control provides all-in-one pest removal services designed to eliminate various types of pest infestations. From insects and rodents to birds and possums, the qualified and skilled exterminators and wildlife catchers in Melbourne will deal with them accordingly and comply with all relevant legislation. We aim at achieving your complete satisfaction by applying the most advanced and, whenever required, humane pest control techniques. We’ll ensure that the service is performed professionally and discreetly, so your business reputation is not jeopardised. In addition, Paul’s Pest Control offers short-notice and emergency pest removal services, subject to availability. Here’s what our 3-step pest control service process entails:Inspection - The experienced exterminator will inspect your facility to identify any signs of a pest infestation. The preliminary survey will also help him decide on the best treatment according to your vermin problem's type, size, and severity.Treatment - Depending on what sort of pest has invaded your establishment, the pest control technician may use baits (rodents and cockroaches), insecticidal sprays and powdered agents (insects), humane traps (possums), repellent devices (birds), monitoring stations (ants and termites), fumigants (insects) and more. Note that the full eradication of the trouble-makers may require more than one visit.Prevention - You’ll be offered prevention tips and proofing advice, upon request, to make sure that possible issues with future infestations are kept to a minimum. The pest control specialist will inform you of everything you need to observe to ensure that the treatment remains as effective as possible for longer.Important: In certain situations, you may be required to follow some steps before the service, such as putting exposed food away, vacuuming the floor surfaces, removing bed linen from hotel rooms, providing unobstructed access to hard-to-reach areas and so on.

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