Professional Flea Control In Melbourne

Exterminate existing adult fleas living on your petsTake your pet to the vet or buy an anti-flea pet product from the local pet store. Even though there are many over-the-counter shampoos, soaps and even combs, it’s best to first consult your veterinarian on what’s best for your pet. Treating your pet for fleas should be in conjunction with treating your home. In layman’s terms, treat your home for fleas while your pet is at the vet being treated.Kill any larvae at homeWash at high temperatures all of the beddings with which your pet has come in contact with. Even sheets and blankets must go into the washing machine. Also, don’t forget to vacuum everywhere inside your home, especially the carpeted areas.Prevent your pet from bringing fleas into your homeUse certified flea-control products to keep your pet from bringing fleas into your home. Many such products come in the form of a pill given once a month to the pet, a collar that lasts around six months or medication which can be applied on the pet’s skin(between the shoulder blades). Be sure to check these products’ labels in order to see if they are appropriate for your pet.  

How our Flea control service in Melbourne can help you

We usually perform the flea treatment in one visit. The service begins with the pest control technician spraying residual insecticide over the affected areas. While the service is being performed we recommend our customer take their pet(s) to the vet to have them deflead. A great benefit of our flea control service is that we also offer up to two follow-ups after the first visit which can be book anytime within a period of three months.

Signs you have a flea infestation?

  • Fleas hopping around your carpets, upholstery, drapery or even furniture.
  • Noticing multiple black dot-like jumping insects within your pet’s fur.
  • Seeing your pet begin to scratch, bite and lick their fur rigorously.
  • Your furry companion can also get scabs and loose fur in areas where there are fleas.
  • Pets may also develop pale gums from all the blood loss when they have fleas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How quickly can you come after I call?А: For our pest control service we do offer same-day bookings, however, it all depends on how busy our schedule in your area is. To find out more about our availability, head on down to our online booking form or simply give us a call.Q: How long does a pest control service usually take?A: There isn’t average longevity for a pest control service as each case is unique in itself. The time it takes for the service to be completed all depends on the severity of the infestation and the size of the property.Q: What type of other pests aside from fleas do you treat?A: We cover a wide variety of pests, from rodents and creepy crawlies to possums and foxes. The most commonly booked pest control services are for bed bugs, mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, spiders, wasps, moths, silverfish and pigeons. However, we treat many more varieties than the ones listed above.Q: What will the pest control technician do for me?A: He will do everything in his power to deal with your pest problems. This includes a thorough inspection and an appropriate course of action for exterminating the pest. While performing the service the exterminator will also give you tips on how to prevent any future infestations.

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