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Wasps are territorial creatures and the two most common species found in Australia, European and English wasps, are no exception. When disturbed or feel threatened, they would not hesitate to defend the nest by attacking you with their painful sting. So, if you have young children or a family member who is allergic to the toxin they produce, you can simply not risk having the stinging insects around your property. Opt for professional wasp removal right away.

Moreover, should you suspect or spot a wasp nest near your home or business premises, call a professional wasp exterminator to get rid of the colony. Never attempt to deal with the issue yourself to avoid the wasps’ wrath and the risk of getting stung by them multiple times.

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  • Follow up visits and wasp nest removal, upon request

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Signs you have a wasp infestation

Live wasps - wasps will fly in and out of the nest during the day in search of food and nest building materials. The insects will keep expanding their dwelling if left undisturbed to do so. Note that the nest can grow to the size of a football by late summer, accommodating thousands of aggressive stingers.

Wasp nest - the most effective way to find the nest is if you observe carefully the insects’ daily flight. After a while, you will be able to notice that they keep returning to the same spot over and over again. This is when it would be a good idea to book expert wasp control.  However, mind that you may also be harassed by wasps, which have actually settled on your neighbour’s property.


Inspection - if you don't know where it is, the technicians will perform an inspection to determine the location of the nest. Once they find it, they will figure out the best course of action. Note that if it's in your neighbour's yard, they cannot treat it. Your neighbour will have to book us. Best the operatives can do is place some baits to poison them and keep them away.

Treatment - After the planing phase is over, the pest management specialists will proceed to treat the nest. The treatment is not instantaneous, so the sooner you book our wasp removal service in Melbourne, the better.

Prevention - the controllers can give you advice on how to proof your house so you can avoid this problem going forward.

Before the wasp control

The best prevention tip to avoid problems is wasps is to act early, as soon as you spot their nest. It is much easier to treat an underdeveloped colony of the territorial stingers and remove their nest while it’s still relatively small in size.

Note, however, that the removal of a wasp nest is not always possible, whether because it’s out of reach or because it is situated on your neighbour’s property.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to hinder the wasps’ intimidating activity. You can make a number of lifestyle changes to prevent the insects of being attracted to your property, as well as act smart at the first sight of the insects hovering around.

Learn more about wasps, and what differences they have with bees.

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