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Paul's is a reliable pest control company in Melbourne and as such, we provide our esteemed customers with the most efficient ant control service in the city.Check out what you get:
  • Thorough inspection and professional treatment
  • Guaranteed results and long-lasting protection
  • Expert prevention tips and post-service safety advice
  • Pet-friendly products
  • Customer care assistance and timely support
Ants can be quick to reproduce. The ant control treatment aims to cut their power right at the source - the queen. This is a deadly blow for the colony in most cases. Some species have the ability to develop a back-up queen, but the poisons acting for weeks, it's almost certain back-up queens will meet the same fate.

Worry not, because Paul's Pest Control will deal with those pesky insects in no time! Call and check our availability for your area. Book an ant extermination service and leave the rest to us.


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How to tell if you need ant control?

Workers - noticing a few ant workers doesn't necessarily mean you have an infestation, but it's a good indication your home is a source of food for the pesky insects.


Pathways - ants leave pheromone pathways when they find food. It's easy for other colony members to follow the trail to the source. Ant pathways in and out of your home are definitive proof of an infestation. You should be able to trace the ants to their nest.


Nest - finding an ant nest means you have an infestation. They are usually located in dark places. The faster you take action, the better. Don't hesitate to give us a call!

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Inspection - the pest control expert will perform an inspection to determine the type and severity of the infestation.


Treatment - the technician will then spray with effective insecticides and place bates. When the ants bring the poison back to the nest, the queen will be affected and the infestation will be stopped right at the source.


Follow-up - you can book the pest controller for a second visit with ease. They will determine the effectiveness of the treatment and give you advice for further proofing.


Before the ant control

The exterminators will perform the service and get you rid of the ants. All you need to do is give us a call and check availability. However, there are several actions we suggest you take before the ant control technicians arrive to smooth out the process:
  • Hoover the floors as well as you can;
  • Get your pets out of the house;
  • Place all food in appropriate containers and leave none exposed;
The treatment will not yield instantaneous results. The ants need time to bring the poison back to the colony and affect the queen and the future brood. Once this happens, the colony will die out and you will be rid of this insect plague.Ant treatment is among our most successful services, so don't hesitate and give us a call today!

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