Professional Bed Bug Pest Control in Melbourne

Are you worried that bed bugs might be taking over your property? Despite the fact that bed bugs don’t transmit any diseases to humans, their bites can be really painful. A bed bug infestation can quickly get out of your control, as the tiny bugs can hide in the bed frames during the day and spread around during the night without you even noticing them. Get Paul’s Pest Control in Melbourne to eradicate the nasty bed bugs from your property and enjoy a good night sleep!  Bed bugs[Cimicidae] are tiny brown bugs with an oval shape that can grow up to 4-5mm. Тhey are parasitic insects that feed only on the blood of humans and animals, It takes around 8 weeks for a bed bug to fully grow. Once it reaches adulthood it can live 8-12 months on average. 

How can a bed bug infestation occur? 

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs infestation is rarely caused by a lack of hygiene. Although this could be a factor as well. They can find their way into your home through old furniture with fabric, clothes, backpacks, bags, and beddings.  If you recently travelled or stayed at a place with bed bugs, you can carry them home with you. The seats in the movie theatre or public transport are also often infested with the nasty bugs.  

Do you need bed bug pest control?

One of the most obvious signs that you’re dealing with bed bugs is seeing the little bugs crawling on your mattress or furniture. You might feel them crawling on your skin during the night.  Bite marks are another noticeable sign. If you wake up covered with red spots and bite marks close to each other almost in a straight line, bed bugs might be the source of them. The bites usually occur in places with high blood circulation like the inside of the arms, thighs and back.  If an infestation is happening you can even notice small blood stains on the mattress. Eggs or eggshells and their excrements may leave black or rusty stains on the beddings. Read more about bed bug infestations.

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Signs you have a bed bug infestation

Bed bug bites - if you wake up covered in small, itchy, red welts, there is a good probability you have an infestation. Bed bug bites are painless in the beginning. As time passes, they become itchy and irritating. Consult with your general physician if you experience any symptoms.

Crawling on your skin - bed bugs feed exclusively on blood, so you might feel the nightmarish sensation of creepy crawlies on your skin as you become their dinner. This would be a sure sign of an infestation.

Seeing is believing - noticing small, round, brown reddish bugs crawling about is another definitive sign of a bed bug infestation.

Stains on mattress - bed bug excrements on the mattress and bed linen leave brown or rusty stains. If you find stains you can't account for, we recommend an inspection.  


Inspection - the bed bug pest control technicians will carefully inspect the property. They will determine the severity of the infestation and make a treatment plan to maximize efficiency.

Treatment - the technicians will then proceed to administer the treatment. We recommend booking bed bug control for the entire home. Otherwise, the solution might solve the problem in the treated room, but it won't get rid of the pest in the other rooms.

Follow-up - during the second visit, the technicians will check out of there are any pests left over. If you book a treatment for the entire house, there's also a warranty you can check out with our operators.

Before the bed bug pest control

The Melbourne exterminators will restore your peace of mind. One phone call and we can easily schedule a visit to determine the severity of the situation. However, there are several actions we advise you take before the visit to make things easier.
  • Remove all bed linen and mattress protectors and put them in sealed plastic bags;
  • In case of a heavy infestation, remove all clothes from the cupboards and put them in sealed plastic bags;
  • Remove all personal belongings from under or around the bed so the bed bug exterminators can treat the area;
  • Remove all pets and keep in mind you will need to stay out of the house for a period of time;
We recommend booking a bed bug treatment for the entire home. Otherwise, even if we solve your problem in one room, it might spread the other rooms. Don't hesitate to give us a call. Let us deliver you from this nightmare. Call and check for availability today! Paul's Pest Control is here to help with other infestation problems such as rodent control, possum removal, and cockroach extermination.

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