What Type of Birds Have Invaded Your Property?

Birds can be pests, too. Pigeons are especially problematic in cities when it comes to endangering public health. They can transmit dangerous viruses and bacteria, as well as spread parasites, such as ticks, fleas, mites and lice. Pigeons also have a destructive effect on buildings, whether it is structural or contaminating. They can form a colony of up to 500 birds, which requires professional bird removal actions at once. Seagulls in coastal city environments can also become more than just a nuisance. Their behaviour is often considered aggressive when they are scavenging for food. This could even have an economic effect, for instance on tourism, as flocks of seabirds “love” to target holiday sites and beaches in search of an easy food source. Another Australian pest bird is the Indian Myna, introduced 150 years ago, and referred to as “the flying rat” or “the cane toad of the sky”.  When these birds breed out of proportion, they can cause sometimes devastating problems. The species are known to spread avian malaria, cause asthma and dermatitis in humans, as well as damage severely agricultural crops.  

When should you consider bird removal?

The answer to this question is relatively subjective. But one thing is for sure! When birds no longer cohabit in harmony with people, there is a problem. If you find the following signs of bird activity, which are getting out of hand, then maybe, it’s time to take actions and call a bird removal specialist.
  • Noise pollution - Constant bird cries can drive most people mad.
  • Droppings - Large amounts of bird faeces are never a pleasant sight.
  • Birds hanging on ledges - Flat roofs and window ledges are a favourite spot for colonies of pigeons to roost all day long.
  • Multiple nests - These indicate that the flock has no intention to leave the property.
  • Damages - Feathers and nest debris can block downpipes, gutters and grains. Roof tiles may also get damaged.

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Can you do anything to prevent a bird infestation?

When birds become a pest, there are very limited DIY options that can help you drive them away and stop them from roosting on your property. Furthermore, there can be some legal implications if you decide to take your own bird removal measures as you may not know what species are protected and what are considered vermin. Hence, we strongly recommend that your resort to an approved and certified pest management company, which can provide you with the right bird control solution for your specific situation.

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