Efficient Cockroach Control in Melbourne

Cockroaches are a major problem in most cities and Melbourne is no exception. Roaches are disgusting creatures that contaminate everything in their path. The idea of having them walk all over your food is enough to give you nightmares. Fortunately, professional cockroach control is a call away!

Paul's Pest Control offers the perfect solution: our pest control services in Melbourne. Hiring a cockroach exterminator is the first step toward dealing with this pesky issue. When you hire us, you get:
  • Fully trained, licensed and insured cockroach control technicians
  • Free proofing advice and prevention tips
  • After-service safety information
  • Discreet approach, designed to protect your image and reputation
  • Meticulous inspection of the property
  • Flexible booking hours
As resilient as roaches are, they can't survive a close encounter with the exterminators. Don't allow the pest infestation to become more severe. Call us today and reduce the number of unwanted guests in your home!

Don’t let cockroaches wreak havoc in you home!

Do not allow roaches become the bane of your existence. We'll take care of them. Just give us a call!

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Signs you have a cockroach infestation

Faeces - The insects produce small black pepper like droppings. Larger species excrete cylindrical faeces. You may be able to smell the strange musty odour cockroaches produce.

Eggs - Eggs and egg cases might be found behind and under furniture.

Skin fragments - These are more difficult to spot in the roaches’ dark hiding places.

Live roaches - They breed in a matter of weeks, so you may see them in their numbers if you switch on the light at night. Roaches will nibble at books and food packages. If you see live roaches, be sure to call and book a cockroach control service immediately. This signifies a serious problem.


Inspection - the cockroach pest controllers will first inspect the property. The goal is to identify potential entry points and determine the degree of infestation. This will allow them to pick the most efficient cockroach treatment.

Treatment - once they determine the proper cause of action, the technicians will treat the cockroaches. The cockroach control can involve a slow-acting powder, bait gel, spray, or a combination to wipe out the entire colony. The long-lasting treatment can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Prevention - the pest controllers can give you tips on how to avoid having this problem in the future.

Before the cockroach control

Give us a call and cockroach exterminators in Melbourne will deliver you from this pesky problem. However, there are a few things you can do in order to move the process forward more easily. This will also help you avoid the problem in the future. Here's what you can undertake:
  • Cut their food source by placing all food in sealed containers;
  • Clean the floors as well as you can;
  • Clean the fridge and cupboards;
  • Before the service, take your pets and family outside;
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