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Mosquitoes are little devils, capable of ruining every late-night barbeque and family gathering. These pesky little bugs can often be found in shaded spots and in areas with standing water. They are annoying, their bites can cause unpleasant reactions in varying levels, not to mention the diseases they might be carrying. And if you find that you have an infestation, they may even start pestering you during the day, and at home, too!

Signs you have a mosquito infestation

You hear a constant buzzing sound

Mosquitoes make a very specific sound when they fly around, namely a high-pitched buzzing noise. It’s not uncommon to hear it once or twice when you’re out and about at night, but if you’re hearing it constantly around your property, then that is a sure sign that you have an infestation and it might be time to call in a professional mosquito exterminator.

You notice bites appearing

Yes, there are many bugs that can bite you, especially during the summer. However, a mosquito bite is pretty recognisable. Male mosquitoes are rarely to blame, it’s most often the females that bite people since they need blood to lay their eggs. So, if you notice you’re getting itchy red bumps all over your arms and legs, even when you’re at home, we have bad news - a mosquito infestation may be the reason and the females are probably laying eggs all around.

You’re scratching yourself at night

You might not always notice it immediately when you get bitten by a mosquito. It could take a while for you to see the red bump, but you’ll be sure to notice the itching sensation that comes with it. If you find that you’re often scratching yourself during the night, the cause might be your new roommates coming out for a feast. It may be time for indoor mosquito control.

You see mosquitoes during the day or in the evening

These pesky insects are known for being nocturnal. When a mosquito infestation occurs, a lot of them might come out during the day in search of food, prey and space. If you see a mosquito out and about around your home in the daytime, then we have bad news for you - it’s an infestation.

There is standing water near your home

Mosquitoes can often be found in areas with standing water, such as lakes, pools and fountains. The reason is that the females like laying their eggs in water, where they have the optimal conditions for hatching. The presence of standing water on your property might not mean there is an infestation, but it can certainly attract them to your home.

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Steps for prevention

  • Remove breeding spots.Removing any standing water from your property will greatly reduce the risk of a mosquito infestation. If you have any water containers around your home and garden, make sure to cover them tightly to prevent any intruders from getting in.
  • Install door and window screens. Keep mosquitoes out of your home by installing mesh screens on your window and door frames. Make sure the holes are small enough so that an adult mosquito won’t be able to make its way through.
  • Use an insect spray or repellent. An insecticide is one step you can take to rid yourself of mosquitoes. Just make sure you read the label carefully, don’t use outdoor insecticides inside, and use according to the instructions. Keep in mind that using a spray will not completely eliminate an infestation, so it should be used in addition to other mosquito control methods.
  • Change the water in outdoor elements. If you have birdbaths, planters, tires, etc. in your garden, change the water at least once a week to kill any mosquito larvae that might be lurking in there.
  • Remove algae from ponds. Mosquito larvae feed on microorganisms that live in water, so removing things like algae from your ponds or fountains can decrease the chance of them spreading and infesting your home.

How mosquito control will help you

  • The experts at Paul’s Pest Control in Melbourne can provide you with efficient mosquito control that is sure to solve your problem once and for all.
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  • You can rest easy, knowing you won’t have to deal with annoying bites and itching any more.

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