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Certified technicians

Let the certified and experienced technicians take care of your pest problems. We work with veterans in the field with a proven track record of integrity and success. Our reputation depends on it!

Eco Friendly

The exterminators use professional-grade products that require training and certification for proper use. However, they are completely harmless to human beings and animals, but devastating to the pests that have been plaguing you!

Pest proof

Upon request, you can get pest proofing tips by the professionals so you can avoid this type of problem in the future. Prevention, as they say, is the best cure!

Paul’s Pest Control Always Gets It Right

Our pest control company offers professional extermination services. We can deal with a variety of different pests. Check out our services below:
  • Rat Control - Rats are renowned for causing property damage;
  • Mice Control - Mice are health hazardous little critters;
  • Possum Removal - Their place is not in your roof space;
  • Bed Bug Extermination - Don’t let the bedbugs bite you at night;
  • Ant Extermination - Ants can be truly ferocious;
  • Cockroach Control - Cockroaches love to scurry around in numbers;
  • Termite Control- Protect your investment against the tiny destroyers;
  • Wasp Removal - Once stung by a wasp, you’ll never want a repeat;
  • Bird Removal - Pigeons bothering you all day long?


"A wonderful service that rid me of those wretched termites! Highly professional and at a bargain price. Definitely recommended."

Dr. Albert Williams

Reasons to Choose Paul's Pest Control in Melbourne

Best bang for your buck, and here's why...

  • Short-notice and emergency appointments
  • Flexible booking options to fit your needs
  • Prevention advice and information
  • Proofing tips and post-service care
  • Lasting results and guaranteed protection
  • Comprehensive customer service support

How we perform the service?

The exterminators will inspect your property and confirm the exact type of pest they will be dealing with. They will also identify the scale of the pest infestation, and based on their findings, they will apply the most suitable exterminating method with lasting results. You will be provided with a detailed service protocol, which specifies the type of product that has been used. In addition, the pest controllers will offer their expert advice about post-service safety procedures.  

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And we're here to assure you it will be taken care of. Paul's Pest Control is the solution to all your vermin-related issues!Note: Some of our pest control solutions may require more than one visit (included in the service) or you may need to book an additional treatment, depending on the type of pest problem you have.  

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