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Rats are notoriously fast breeders, which means that they can seize your home in no time at all. And when a rodent population grows out of hand in any urban setting and the premises get infested with the vermin, you are looking at a potential health hazard situation. Both brown and black rats are renowned for transmitting dangerous diseases to humans and pets. They can contaminate your pet’s food and any of your food supplies if the latter is not stored correctly in a secure place. Rats are also carriers of other pests, such as ticks, fleas and lice, which can bring about additional pest problems. So don't hesitate to book professional pest extermination today!

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Signs you have a rat infestation

Damages - rodents have very sharp teeth, which they use readily to gnaw at anything that will help keep them trim. This could be the floor skirting boards, items made from plastic, paper documents or old newspaper, even cables and wires. You may also notice ripped food packages or half-eaten fruits and vegetables that you have been growing in your garden.

Holes and Burrows - Rats are famous for building complex tunnel systems, where they can breed, find shelter or hide their food.

Nests - those you may come across accidentally. Or look around and check all hard-to-reach places: behind or under furniture and larger electrical appliances. The rodents would naturally have their young ones in a hidden and warm place, which is located not far from a food source.  


Inspection - the process begins with an inspection to determine the type of pest. It is important to know if it's mice or rats, because the technicians might recommend different treatments.

Treatment - rat control can be carried out in two ways: traps and baits. Mechanical traps usually work a bit faster, but require a secondary visit from the technicians. The exterminators can place baits in special baiting stations. Rats will get used to the stations and eventually eat the baits. However, the baits contain a secret ingredient - poison. It spells certain doom for the rats, while posing no threat to family and pets. Be advised, this can take up to a few weeks.

Secondary visit - if you choose mechanical traps, the specialists will return to reload or collect the traps.  

Before the rat control

Provide easy access to your home for the rat exterminators.

Here are a few tips on keeping rats away. Rats will not say a “No” to an easy source of food, accessible shelter, and an available water source. So, make sure to tidy up your garden and attic. These rodents are very good climbers and can effortlessly get to your roof space if they find an easy opportunity. Clutter next to the exterior walls of your property, junk around sheds, unsecured compost heaps and rubbish bins are all inviting features for a rat to make use of.

You should ensure to proof your home, as well. Block any possible gaps and holes that can be used as entry points. Also, check if your roofing and drainage system need repairing. Fill any cracks in walls and keep overgrown areas low and tidy.

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