Professional Termite Inspection and Control

Termites love hot climates, so Australia is a haven for the little destroyers. Getting an annual inspection from a certified termite control service provider is vital for the longevity of your home. Here's what you get with us:

  • Fully qualified, experienced and licensed termite control technicians
  • Free prevention advice and property proofing information
  • Guaranteed results and a termite-free environment
  • Flexible appointment bookings to fit your schedule

The most difficult-to-control wrecking crews are any type of Subterranean termites. They can find their way through the substructure of the building and colonise your home over time. Older properties, which have not been built/proofed with the newest termite management system building standards in mind, are especially at risk.


Drywood termites are another type that can cause severe damages. They are likely to grow their population at the top of your property and eat their way through the roof structure.


So if you suspect that your home has been affected by the damaging activity of the “white ants”, you should take immediate measures and book professional pest control!

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Signs you have a termite infestation

Hollow tunnels - The insects eat along the grain of the wood, creating hollow tunnels. If you tap on a beam or another wooden surface, you can hear a hollow type of sound.

Termite mud - Subterranean termites fill their galleries with mud to keep the wood moist.

Cracks - Cracks in wooden surfaces may also indicate damage caused by white ants.

Weakened wood - Probe gently a suspected area to see if the surface or wooden feature gives in.

Wings on window sills - Once swarmer termites finish mating they will shed their wings. So, have you seen a pile of wings on your window ledge?

There are other, more subtle signs that require a professional inspection to determine. If you notice something that doesn't seem quite right, do not hesitate to give us a call and book a termite inspection. It's better to be safe than sorry!


Inspection -  first, the exterminators will inspect the property. They need to identify the type of white ants they're dealing with. Determining the level of the infestation is also crucial at this stage. Finally, finding the source of the invasion would significantly speed things up.

Treatment - when the technicians are done with the inspection, you will receive a price for the treatment. Once you decide to go forward with it, the price of the inspection will be deducted from the termite treatment, so we can give you a very competitive price. The treatment involves several methods and might take a long time if the infestation is severe. Ask our representatives about warranty.

Prevention - if you want to prevent termite problems in the future, you can opt for an annual inspection. This way you will have a peace of mind we're protecting your property.

Before the termite extermination

Here are some general prevention tips you can use:
  • Keep your property in a good state of repair;
  • Ensure good ventilation of sub-floor areas;
  • Store timber away from your property;
  • Use termite barrier products around your property;
If you suspect you have an infestation, there are a few things you can do in order to get things moving smoother:
  • Read more about termite infestations;
  • Don't rush to make repairs, unless you feel it's necessary. This might mask some signs of the infestation and make things worse in the long run;
  • We advise against trying to treat the termites on your own because this might make things worse;
  • Call us as soon as possible;
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