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House mice are extremely adaptable rodents and will readily move into your Melbourne home or business property to seek food and shelter. As they breed fast and grow quickly into adulthood to further reproduce, this can result in a full-blown infestation in a matter of weeks. They are intelligent and agile little creatures that can cause significant damage to your property, despite their small size. So, if you suspect that your home has been invaded by the nimble vermin, consider getting professional mice control assistance to prevent potential health risks and adverse effects to your property.Paul’s Pest Control in Melbourne can provide you with safe and efficient mice control solutions. We work with certified, skilled and fully insured pest exterminators. This is what you can count on:
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Signs you have a mice infestation

Indications of mice activity include:

Live mice - To actually see a mouse, running around during the day, can only mean that the level of infestation is well out of hand.

Mouse droppings - Droppings can be usually found in corners, cupboards and under furniture.

Holes in corners - If you see a small hole in the skirting board or trim work, it’s a sure sign of mice activity.


Inspection - rats and mice may seem similar to the uninitiated. Truth is, outside of appearance, they have fundamental behavioural differences. Because of that, it's important to confirm what kind of rodent the technicians are dealing with. This is will determine the course of action.

Treatment - mice infestation has been confirmed and the severity has been determined. It's time to spring into action. The mice pest controllers treat the infestation at this stage. It takes some time for the mice control treatment to work. This is so that mice don't get spooked and have the chance to ingest the special treats.

Prevention - you can inquire about what preventative measures you can take in the future. The controllers will be happy to assist you with this information.

Before the mice control


Similar to rats, house mice like to nest near a food source. So, it is important to ensure that you store your food properly. As these supple rodents are able to sneak through the tiniest cracks, blocking all possible entry points around your home is the only way to deny the opportunist vermin easy access to your property. In addition, repair work to floorboards, roofing and pipework should also be completed with due care.


And if you are unsure about how to proof your property against the house mouse, you can always seek our expert mice control advice and book a professional pest rodent treatment.


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