Possum Control Management: What Types of Possums?

Possums often take fancy to residential properties, causing damages to buildings and disturbing the owners’ good night sleep. But as these cute marsupials are protected under the Wildlife Act, any attempt to catch and release them without holding the appropriate licence is classed as illegal. Naturally, this calls for an expert possum removal approach by certified possum catchers.Paul’s Pest Control has extermination specialists in Melbourne who are trained to handle wildlife in a humane way, so the animal can be relocated and released back to the wild safely and without any further distress. We are a Melbourne-based pest management company. We work with licensed, insured and fully qualified possum catchers who use specially designed cages. Once caught, the animal will be safely relocated, in accordance with the present wildlife control regulations.With us, you can rest assured that you’ll get:
  • Professional possum removal with guaranteed results
  • Fully trained and licensed possum catchers
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Signs you have a possum

Often people hear noises coming from the roof and they are not sure whether it is a rat or a possum up there. Both being nocturnal animals, the disturbance from their activity is usually noticed at night time. And if scratching and gnawing are characteristic for both the rodent and the marsupial, you can still distinguish them by the level and type of noise they make. Heavy thumping noises and loud scratching are usually signs for possums playing up in your attic.


Another clue that possums have moved into your property is the pungent smell their urine leaves behind. Also, you may notice yellow stains appearing on your ceiling, again from their urine, which has heavily permeated through the attic floor. Outdoors,  possums can also leave a noticeable trail of significant damage, be it destroyed vegetable and flower beds or broken branches. And you should note that it is not uncommon for both types of creatures to cohabit in your roof space.


Inspection - the possum catchers need to make sure it's really a possum they're with. Because possums are protected by the law, it is crucial to determine the exact nature of the unwanted house guest before taking further action.


Treatment - upon confirmation, the possum removal service is conducted in accordance with the Victoria rules and regulations under the Wildlife Act. We work with licensed possum catchers, so the whole process is easy and painless.


Prevention - you can enquire the possum controllers for advice on how to avoid these unpleasant circumstances in the future. A good start would be to seal all possible entry points and try to cut all the branches around your roof. Possums often use those to get around.

Before the possum removal

Our specialist advice is to try using natural possum control means like planting strong herbs such as rosemary and lavender, which may repel the possum. You can also protect your veggie patches with fences and nettings, install noisy deterrents like wind chimes and bells, or purchase ultrasonic solar repellers to place strategically in your garden.

However, we couldn’t stress enough how important is not to attempt to catch a possum yourself, once it has settled on your property. Or worse, make the mistake to confuse it for a rat and set up poisonous baits or traps around your home.

If you believe that you might have a possum intruder in your house or garden, call a possum catcher right away to avoid committing an offence that will result in receiving a hefty penalty.

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